Super Features Coming Soon To Xbox Cloud Gaming!

TECH NEWS – Microsoft has previously indicated its intention to integrate keyboard and mouse support into its cloud gaming platform, Xbox Cloud Gaming.



Microsoft hasn’t stopped short of adding new features to its Xbox Cloud Gaming cloud-based gaming system included in Xbox Game Pass Ultime, which this month gave a date for arrival on Smart TV. If you’ve been waiting a long time to play with mouse and keyboard on xCloud, we’ve got good news because while Microsoft has been talking about this option for months, it looks like support for traditional PC peripherals will be arriving soon in Xbox Cloud Gaming.

According to The Verge, Jorg Neumann, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator lead, estimates that mouse and keyboard support for xCloud could arrive later this summer.

Microsoft is currently encouraging developers to start supporting mouse, and keyboard support for Xbox games streamed via PC, so integration is apparently on the horizon.

Among the new features, Microsoft has also committed to improving game streaming latency, with a new API being developed that could save up to 72ms of latency overall. This will be achieved using Direct Capture, which eliminates VSync latency, image scaling and buffering that are unnecessary for streaming.

Currently, Direct Capture only supports up to 1440p resolution, without dynamic resolution and HDR, although Microsoft is working on improving this. Xbox has shown its strength with PC Game Pass, with a 300% increase in users and 20% more new users to the Xbox ecosystem from Fortnite players on Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Source: The Verge

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