PS Plus Extra Has Only Just Launched, but Already Loses Two Games This Month

PlayStation Plus Extra subscribers should be aware that two games are scheduled to be removed from the service later this month.


Sony has completely overhauled its PlayStation Plus subscription service, combining it with PlayStation Now to create three new tiers. There’s PS Plus Essential, which is PS Plus as it’s always been, and there’s PS Plus Extra and Premium. PS Plus Extra offers all the benefits of a regular subscription, plus games available through PlayStation Now, while PS Plus Premium lets you choose from a range of retro games.

The PS Plus Extra game offering works differently than the free PS Plus games that subscribers get every month. Like PlayStation Now, PS Plus Extra games are available on a rotating basis and subscribers cannot claim them to keep them in their collection. For this reason, two games will leave PS Plus Extra this month.

Shadow Warrior 3 will leave PS Plus Extra on July 5. Shadow Warrior 3 is a first-person shooter, the latest installment in the popular Shadow Warrior series. Shadow Warrior 3 was a PlayStation Now game on day one, and Sony seemed to use it to test how it could better compete with Xbox Game Pass. Of course, this happened before PS Plus was renewed.

Leaving the July 2022 list of PS Plus extra games

  • Shadow Warrior 3 – July 5
  • Syberia – July 19

Shadow Warrior 3 is not the only game that will disappear from PS Plus Extra in July 2022. Syberia is also being removed, with the cancellation date currently set to July 19. Syberia is an adventure game series that has received mostly positive reviews, so anyone interested in the genre should definitely check it out while it’s still available. PlayStation Plus subscribers will still have plenty of time to finish the game before it’s removed from PS Plus Extra on July 19.

Shadow Warrior 3 and Syberia are the only two games leaving PS Plus Extra in July, but more removals are on the horizon. While it looks like PS Plus Extra subscribers won’t have to worry about the vast majority of PS Plus Extra games being removed anytime soon, the Red Dead Redemption series will all be removed by the end of the year. Red Dead Redemption 2 will be removed on September 20th, while the original Red Dead Redemption and its popular standalone expansion Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare will be removed on October 17th.

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