Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition Is Free Of A Two-Decade Old Bug! [VIDEO]

Sadly, Konami won’t legally allow you to buy the game that fans are fixing…


First of all, let’s make it clear that we’re not talking about the game in the scandal-ridden HD Collection released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (Silent Hill 3 suffered even more in that release, but we’re talking about the second instalment), but a fan project that shows how perhaps the strongest game in the franchise can still hold its own two decades later. Maybe Konami itself could do that, but it’s about as likely as us winning the lottery.

So Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition, available here, has reached version 2.0. It fixes a bug that has plagued the survival horror game that still stands out today. When the original Silent Hill 2 was released, like many other PlayStation 2>PC ports, it suffered from graphical glitches, and stability was not a strong point. It also got worse as the technology improved. The game’s audio streaming engine caused glitches on multi-core processors (essentially all CPUs manufactured after about 2007). Stuttering sounds slowly led to a crash. Because of this issue, all but one of the processor cores in the BIOS had to be disabled for the game to work.

The developers of Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition have rebuilt the engine that streams the sounds to make the game run stable on multi-core processors. It is an outstanding achievement, and the new technology also partially prevents stutters. Other graphical adjustments and bug fixes have also been made in the latest update, making James’ adventure in the town of Silent Hill even more modern.

The mod does require a copy of Silent Hill 2, which isn’t cheap, but since Konami doesn’t sell the game on PC, you can probably look at… other solutions.

Source: PCGamer

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