PlayStation Plus: A Trick For Extra/Premium DLC If You Can’t Access Them

If you’ve got a valid PlayStation Plus Extra or PlayStation Plus Premium subscription, but you don’t have access for some reason, there’s a little trick you can do to get around this system glitch.


Although Europe has already switched to the new PlayStation Plus model with three subscription levels, the system is still in its infancy. Many of you may be experiencing bugs of one kind or another. For example, players who subscribe to the middle and top tiers will not have access to DLC for games in these two tiers. An example is Marvel’s Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition. The problem is not limited to a single region: there are examples worldwide of Sony having done something wrong (and no, they haven’t reacted to the matter yet…).

Fortunately, there’s a little trick we can still use to get access to the content we’ve paid for a lot. The PlayStation Store has glitches. Let’s not even get into that… but we have to use it. You can go to the PlayStation Store and request the DLC through the PlayStation app or from a browser. You’ll have two options, Purchased and Free. Select the free option, then Add to Library, which will open the content.

Although this solution worked for many, many people on Reddit reported that it did not work for them, and even restoring the licenses did not help either. The Council: Complete Edition and Control: Ultimate Edition still had the same error. Many people likely reported Marvel’s Spider-Man because it is more popular than the others, and most subscribers would download it first…

But the problem is that according to an Asian player, the bug has been there since May, when the new PlayStation Plus was launched, so it’s taken Sony over a month to get rid of the problem. We have every right to expect more from them.

Source: PSL

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