An Elden Ring Player Wins the Game With a Piano [VIDEO]

A dedicated Elden Ring player somehow manages to beat the entire game using an electric piano as a makeshift controller.


Of all the AAA FromSoftware titles released in the last decade, Elden Ring clearly represents the landmark level of difficulty the studio is known for. Whether it’s the plain enemies or the bosses, Elden Ring will challenge even the most seasoned FromSoftware fans. Plenty of players have gone out of their way to make the game even harder, such as one particular user.

There are plenty of FromSoftware fans who enjoy the insane difficulty that FromSoftware can often provide, so much so that some of them even add specific restrictions to test their skills even further. In fact, one player even beat the final boss in Dark Souls 3 by covering 90 percent of the screen, completely blocking most of the player’s line of sight. Although in the case of Elden Ring, one player managed to beat the game using some extremely bizarre means.

On Reddit, a user named Omunchkin13 posted a video of himself using an electric piano as a controller to beat Elden Ring. What makes the clip rather funny, beyond its impressiveness, is that the piano still makes sounds every time each key is pressed, adding this melodic overtone to an otherwise intense clip.

While the keyboard is undoubtedly an unexpected and potentially frustrating tool for beating Elden Ring, it’s not the first time players have been able to beat FromSoftware titles with unnecessarily heavy tools. One player, for example, managed to beat Dark Souls 3 using bananas as a button press, which is impressive and a real feat of electrotechnology.

Amazingly, some gamers have embraced the breathtaking difficulty of FromSoftware games. The fact that gamers are going out of their way to make these games even harder than they already are shows how much of an impact Dark Souls and FromSoftware have had on the gaming community.

Given that this is the first FromSoftware game to feature open world gameplay, players have plenty of in-game content to test their skills. At the same time, many fans are also looking forward to potential DLC for Elden Ring, despite not being confirmed by FromSoftware. In any case, it will be interesting to see what else gamers do to push the boundaries of the Elden Ring.

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