Respawn May Be Working On Single-Player FPS – Will It Be Set In A Known Universe?!

Respawn is looking to recruit people to work on a new title set in the universe of EA’s popular battle royale, Titanfall.



Respawn Entertainment is developing a new single-player FPS set in the Apex Legends universe, the shared universe with the Titanfall series. EA’s own in-house studio revealed the following news of a job opening.

There’s very little information available to know more about it at the moment, but the offer is to hire a lead systems developer for an “FPS title set in the Apex universe”. The designer’s duties will include a wide variety of work, including systems related to collisions, physics and sound.

This is in addition to a job offer that Respawn creative director Mohammad Alavi posted on Twitter a year ago:

“We’re developing a brand new singleplayer adventure from Respawn Entertainment.”

“We’re a small, but ambitious team with a history of dreaming big and making splashes. Come work with us. It’s worth mentioning that the offer is no longer available.”

Furthermore, as Dexerto reports, the offer stated that it was “a new singleplayer adventure from Respawn”. Despite all this, there are several reasons to continue the franchise with more titles, namely the resounding success that the battle royale Apex Legends has had for EA, bringing them millions in revenue.

Source: Dexerto

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