Rockstar Is Up To Something Amazing With GTA VI!

Rockstar reveals more details about GTA VI in the GTA and Red Dead Online Community Update.



It looks like Rockstar is putting Red Dead Online aside to devote even more resources to developing the new instalment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The company now “understands more than ever the need to exceed player expectations and make the next game the best it can be”.

Rockstar itself made this clear in a community update on GTA Online and Red Dead Online. Back in February, it was confirmed that development on GTA VI was well underway. And the developers are about to pull off something truly amazing – it would be a massive feat if they can really surpass the success of the previous episodes! As VGC notes, Rockstar has admitted that…

…the reason for the silence on the game is a “desire to go beyond what we’ve delivered so far”.

In January of this year, the developer revealed that they are planning significant growth in the fiscal year 2024, which a new GTA instalment would enable. Moreover, all this information is backed up by the possible cancellation of GTA IV and the first Red Dead Redemption remaster. Kotaku sources also confirmed the latter.

Expectations are high for more information on the new GTA VI. For now, all we know about the content is that one of Rockstar’s founders thinks it could be a less provocative game. The other thing we have also heard recently is about the game’s music: it is known that Snoop Dogg has recorded music for the saga.

Source: VGC, Kotaku

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