How Does Vecna from Dungeons and Dragons Compare to the Stranger Things Villain?

MOVIE NEWS – In the latest season of Stranger Things, Vecna ​​was introduced, a powerful and evil creature undeniably has something to do with Dungeons & to its namesake, known from Dragons.


Since the beginning of the series, Stranger Things has constantly referenced Dungeons & To Dragons. From the very first episode, in which Mike and his friends play a board game, to the main enemies, the Demogorgon and the Mind Flayer, Dungeons & Dragons have always been an integral part of the series. With its newest antagonist, Vecna, Stranger Things alludes to the board game’s most infamous villain and draws inspiration more directly than ever.

For that matter, Stranger Things has so far tended to be only vaguely Dungeons & Basing your creatures on the equivalents of Dragons. For example, the Mind Flayer in Stranger Things bore almost no physical resemblance to its namesake. Still, in Dungeons & Similar to the Mind Flayers from Dragons, he had an affinity for mind control and psionic powers. For Vecna, though, Stranger Things drew more from the game than ever.


Comparison of the power of the two Vecnas


The original Vecna ​​is arguably the most powerful creature in all Dungeons & Dragons at its peak. While Vecna ​​from Stranger Things boasts impressive skills in mind control and psionic magic, making him a potentially apocalyptic threat, Vecna ​​from Dungeons & He rose from Dragons to literal gods, cementing his place among the most powerful magic users in existence – a multiverse threat.

Vecna ​​from Stranger Things borrows some of his namesake’s magic but exhibits significantly weaker magical abilities. Despite wreaking havoc on Hawkins, Vecna’s capabilities are typical of a low-level wizard in Dungeons & Dragons. In comparison, the Hand of Vecna ​​- part of Dungeons & In Dragons, functions as a powerful magic item and is Vecna’s severed hand – granting its user the finger of death, teleportation, and countless other high-level abilities on par with Vecna’s abilities in Stranger Things. When used in conjunction with Vecna’s eye, these relics grant the user access to wish magic far beyond what was shown in Stranger Things.


Comparison of the two Vecna ​​stories


Although Vecna’s lore is based on Dungeons & In Dragons, it has undergone many changes, but its foundation has remained consistent. Vecna ​​began life as either a human or a half-elf before learning dark magic to transform into a lich. From there, Vecna ​​raised a massive army, supported by his lieutenant Kas, to facilitate his godhood. Eventually, Kas betrayed Vecna, resulting in Vecna ​​never reaching her full potential and the two relics mentioned above – Vecna’s Hand and Eye – being created.

Oddly enough, Vecna ​​from Stranger Things has a similar backstory while not embedded in the high fantasy world. After being corrupted by her supernatural abilities, Henry Creel attempts to manipulate and recruit Eleven to join his crusade but is sent to the Top Down World and transformed into Vecna. In both cases, Vecna ​​begins life as a gifted but darkly inclined individual who undergoes a complete physical transformation to reach his true potential. Both are inevitably betrayed by someone they consider close to them, someone they have personally recruited to help them.

Also, Vecna ​​in Stranger Things bears a striking physical resemblance to Vecna ​​in Dungeons & Dragons from 5E, as they are both slender and undead yet imposing figures. It’s also clear that Vecna’s enlarged left hand in Dungeons & It refers to the powerful magical item found in Dragons that made the character so famous. Although Vecna’s eyes are not explicitly mentioned in Stranger Things, Vecna’s victims are often left with mutilated eyes.

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