Is The Russian-Ukrainian War Causing Halo Infinite’s Content Shortage?

343 Industries has also fallen into the trap of capitalism: the loss of cheap labour means that they cannot provide what fans have a right to expect from them and Microsoft in their games.


Halo Infinite has not expanded much since its release. The three-month seasons accepted in the games industry are not that long: in Master Chief’s latest game, it takes twice as long, half a year, and even if new content does appear, the amount of it does not seem to be exceptionally high. So it’s no wonder many people are asking how 343 Industries, with hundreds of employees, is so damn busy.

Windows Central reported that 343 Industries reportedly relied heavily on Sperasoft. It’s a support studio quietly working on several games (AAA titles include Halo Infinite, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla). The problem is that Sperasoft is a Russian studio. The games industry is quite distanced from the Russia that started the war.

According to Windows Central, Sperasoft is responsible for the outline of the new maps. In other words, the Russian team creates the skeleton of the maps, and then 343 Industries finishes them with art assets (completed textures…). Microsoft has not reacted to it, but according to Windows Central, it is worth thinking about because the loss of Russian support studios is becoming a problem in the games industry, so 343 Industries’ is not an isolated case.

CD Projekt RED, for example, had to postpone the PlayStation 5/Xbox Series port of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition because it was to have been made at Saber Interactive’s St. Petersburg studio, and the latest game from Nordisk’s newly acquired Supermassive Games, The Quarry, had its multiplayer segment delayed for similar reasons. Because of it, it is no wonder that publishers are moving Russian employees to neighbouring countries (e.g. Georgia)…

Source: WCCFTech

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