Aloy, Ellie & Kratos As Toys?! PlayStation Is Breaking The Digital Boundary

PlayStation’s new partner Spin Master plans to make action figures, toy sets, plushies and more.



PlayStation has given us some of the most memorable titles of recent years, but the Japanese company also wants to entertain the little ones with initiatives that break the digital boundary of video games. We’ve already been able to play with a mini Aloy who, along with a Cuellilargo, starred in a LEGO set of Horizon: Forbidden West. And while PlayStation’s licensing has a wide range of merchandising products, the company believes it can expand even further.

“We’ll bring PlayStation game storytelling to life in a whole new way” – Chris Beardall

That’s why today we’re surprised by a deal that brings PlayStation and toy company Spin Master, together on a mission: to make more merchandising around the Japanese company’s flagship IPs. According to information published in VentureBeat, the partnership will result in “action figures, collectables, game sets, plush toys, role-playing games, vehicles, radio-controlled cars, and puzzle and game category products”.

According to Chris Beardall, director of communications at Spin Master, this deal will allow PlayStation video games to be explored with ideas new to the company: “Together, we will bring the interactive storytelling of Sony’s immersive PlayStation games to life in a whole new way, extending fandom from digital to a reinvented physical game”.

Grace Chen, vice president of network advertising at SIE, complements these statements by saying that “we are committed to creating the highest quality gaming experiences for our global community of fans and finding new ways to bring our most beloved characters to new audiences”.

The deal would reportedly expand existing merchandising for franchises such as God of War, Uncharted, Horizon and The Last of Us.

In terms of video games, it’s worth noting that PlayStation is giving us a year full of reasons to fire up the PS4 or PS5. We’ve already had the likes of Horizon: Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7, but the Japanese company is refusing to put the brakes on, and so its community is gearing up to play The Last of Us: Part 1 and the eagerly awaited God of War: Ragnarok.

Source: VentureBeat

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