Not Everyone Likes That Grand Theft Auto VI Will Have A Female Protag!

Unfortunately, it’s not only the games industry that suffers from rampant sexism (think of Ubisoft and Activision Blizzard…) but also “the other side of the fence”…


This week we heard that Grand Theft Auto VI would feature a female protagonist. Reactions to it are not unanimous. Some people are waiting for the game to be released, which is understandable, as it’s been almost nine years since Grand Theft Auto V was released for PS3 and X360 (and GTA IV came out five and a half years before that, so Rockstar takes its time…). But one camp expressed displeasure that “Rockstar Games has gone woke.”

This line of thought goes back to the fact that it’s a mortal sin for them to have a female protagonist in a series that has so far taken male characters from rags to rich. That would be fine because you can still have an opinion on something (although primarily related to politics, chances are you get cussed at for having an opinion that differs slightly from the norm…). Still, it’s unusual when a politician voices her displeasure.

Lavern Spicer took to Twitter to write that “Grand Theft Auto VI will go woke. They’ll also go broke.” Spicer is a congressional candidate for the GOP. But you can also read others saying that it’s starting all over again and therefore predicting that there won’t be a female prostitute or a strip club in the new Grand Theft Auto. Another comment says that nobody wanted this and didn’t know why it has suddenly become bad that there are products on the market designed mainly for men.

To top it all off, we have yet to see a single second of gameplay from the game. Still, if Grand Theft Auto VI is already so divisive, we’ll be crying back to the second half of the 2000s, when an American lawyer, Jack Thompson, blamed all violence on games…

Source: PSL

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