Clint Eastwood Turned Down Sean Connery Movie Role Despite Huge Pay Offer

Clint Eastwood was offered the role of a lifetime in the 1960s after becoming a household name in Hollywood – but he didn’t take the opportunity because he couldn’t bring himself to take it. Despite being offered an incredible amount of money, he felt it was Sean Connery’s role, not his.


The American Hollywood star was offered the role of a lifetime after its previous actor, Sean Connery, decided to withdraw from the famous film series. Connery left the role of James Bond (for the first time) after appearing in the film You Only Live Twice in 1967.

The film was the Scottish actor’s fifth film as 007, and he was tired of the role. He agreed to leave the James Bond series on good terms, leaving Bond bosses to find someone else to replace him.

And the managers thought that Eastwood was the most suitable for the role. That’s no surprise, given that he was starring in a few blockbuster action movies at the time, including Hang ‘Em High, Coogan’s Bluff, and Where Eagles Dare. However, the classic western actor thought differently about all this.

Eastwood recalled the moment his people approached him with the offer.

He said, “[My lawyer] came and said, ‘They really want you.'”

The actor’s lawyer also represented the Broccoli family, who owned – and still own – the rights to the 007 film series. Influential movie executives made Eastwood an offer he almost couldn’t refuse. But they did not count on his honesty and loyalty.

Eastwood said, “I’ve been offered pretty good money to play James Bond if I take the role.”

That offer must have been a hefty sum, especially considering that Connery was earning $1 million for You Only Live Twice at the time (about $8.6 million in 2022).

However, Eastwood was unable to accept the role. He simply did not like the character and the fact that he “takes over” Connery’s role.

“For me… well, it was someone else’s role”. – he recalled

He added: “That’s Sean [Connery’s] thing. It didn’t feel right for me to do that.”

Source: Express

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