Will Grand Theft Auto VI Have More Than One Protagonist?!

Grand Theft Auto VI has been the talk of the town lately, with rumours coming thick and fast, including stories about the main characters.



A lot depends on whether Grand Theft Auto VI lives up to the hype, but it looks like the game will have to be cut. Axios and PCGamesN have spotted that GTA VI was supposedly originally going to be based on three cities and have four main characters. However, according to the report, the scale had to be slightly scaled back. Four playable characters require a lot of work, especially given the complex, intertwined lives of GTA V’s three protagonists. Of course, it has to be said that Rockstar has not confirmed this information, but it would not be too surprising if the developer had initially wanted to make something big that later had to be cut.

At the moment, it seems that Grand Theft Auto VI will have two main characters, probably in a Bonnie and Clyde sort of way.

One of the main characters will be a woman, which is the first time we’ve ever had a playable female character in a GTA. It’s also firmly speculated that the new game will be set in Vice City, the location of the beloved 2002 episode of the series.

Rockstar has not yet released any concrete information about the game, its story or when it will be released. However, according to another report, Grand Theft Auto VI could have been in development since 2014. According to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, the studio started working on it “in some form” shortly after the release of GTA V. Again, it hasn’t been confirmed whether this is true or not, so it’s best not to get too carried away for now.

Considering the popularity and financial success of Grand Theft Auto V, not to mention the fact that it has been out for nine years, many people might be surprised that Rockstar hasn’t jumped at the chance to release a sequel.

However, GTA Online is also to consider, which is one of the developer’s significant headline-grabbers. As a result, the company was probably a little hesitant about moving forward when its current games are still proving so lucrative. That, and the departure of the company’s co-founder and president Dan Houser in 2020, may have slowed progress.

Source: Axios, PCGamesN

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