Gotham Knights: First Longer Gameplay Arrives With A Few Surprises! [VIDEO]

A new gameplay video has been released, showing the first 16 minutes of WB Montreal’s upcoming Gotham Knights.



With the Batman reportedly deceased in the upcoming Gotham Knights, the remaining members of the Bat family have a long night ahead of them as they must step up to keep Gotham City safe from the villains. In anticipation of the game’s fast-approaching release, a new gameplay trailer has been released, showing 16 minutes of gameplay following the prologue, in which players choose a character for the first time.

Gotham Knights is an intriguing project that fans were absolutely not expecting after the climax of Rocksteady’s Arkham series.

As mentioned above, the plot follows the titular members of the Bat family after the deaths of Batman and Chief Jim Gordon. Despite being a Batman game, this game is set in a separate universe from Rocksteady’s trilogy and is being developed by Batman Arkham Origins developer WB Montreal.

The latest gameplay footage released by IGN shows part of the game’s opening from the perspective and unique talents of Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl. Batgirl’s mission is to break into the office of a professor at the prestigious Gotham City University, and the footage begins with her focusing on one of her unique in-game abilities, hacking. After breaking into the professor’s office, the gameplay loop is very similar to what fans of the Arkham series have expected: detective-based AR footage and puzzles to solve using advanced technology.

After showing off your detective skills, the next segment focuses on combat and stealth.

The combat is also similar to what players have experienced before, but fans will notice that the counteraction of the Arkham series has been replaced by a ranged attack that allows Batgirl to pepper her opponents from afar. In addition to gaining experience points, players will also earn crafting materials to encourage further crafting and rely heavily on the action-RPG mechanic.

Following in the footsteps of Rocksteady’s Arkham trilogy is a tall order, as some fans are sceptical of RPG elements. While the potential for co-operative play is prominent, it has been announced that Gotham Knights, despite having four playable protagonists, is only two-player co-operative, which has also proved controversial. Time will tell if the game can live up to the hype.

Gotham Knights is scheduled for release on 25 October for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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