Rumours Tell Resident Evil 9 Will Be Scarier Than Any Previous Episode! [VIDEO]

The latest rumours about Resident Evil 9 tell us about the game’s title, location, enemies and more.



The leaked information about Resident Evil 9 comes from 4Chan, so don’t take any credit for it. However, many of their previous rumours have been proven correct, so it will be interesting to see if there is any truth behind the claims about RE 9. The information discussed in a video by Residence of Evil claims that the working title for Resident Evil 9 is Apocalypse. The plot of Resident Evil 9 will apparently be about the ninth phase of the moon, and the moon itself will reportedly serve as a symbol for the game, possibly appearing in the logo.

According to the leaks, RE 9 will be set in a western “ghost town”, with players exploring caves, rivers and an “eerie forest area”.

Players will have to deal with “deformed” Wendigo creatures that resemble mythological monsters. Supposedly, these monsters will be able to mimic human voices and transform into friendly-looking NPCs, mirroring skin-walker urban legends. There will also be a “giant black dog” enemy that players will have to fight, assuming the information is legitimate. (Or it could just be a mix-up with Sirius Black.)

One of the main villains will reportedly be a woman dressed in a green and gold dress, and the video points out that it resembles Mother Miranda from Resident Evil Village. Meanwhile, another monster in the area will be genuinely friendly to players and will also take on the role of Resident Evil 9’s merchant if the leaks are to be believed.

It all sounds interesting, but fans should temper their expectations.

It sounds like many safe guesses based on what Capcom has done with Resident Evil Village, but it’s also possible that Resident Evil 9 will go in a completely different direction. However, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that RE 9 is being made at Capcom. According to a more reliable leaker, AestheticGamer, the game is in active development, although a release is likely 2-3 years away. It’s also been said that Resident Evil 9 will wrap up the story that began with Resident Evil 7, so it would make sense that it would continue what was established with the Village’s themes and gameplay.

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