Bye-Bye Batgirl – Could Warner Bros. Have Scrapped The Movie Already Made?!

MOVIE NEWS – Warner Bros. appears to have taken the unprecedented step of cancelling the Batgirl movie entirely, which will now not be released in theatres or on HBO Max…



It looks like we’ve failed the Batgirl movie: Warner Bros. has taken another strange and almost unbelievable turn in the handling of their DCEU films, as multiple sources have reported that the film has been cancelled and will not be released in any form. Even though the $80 million film has already been made, it is being suggested that test screenings of the film went so badly that the decision has been made to abandon the project altogether.

This comes just days after Brendan Fraser was seen discussing the role of Firefly at GalaxyCon in Raleigh, North Carolina, so it seems that the decision has either been made literally now or – as many fans are still vainly hoping – the plot has been very much muddled.

Although no official confirmation has yet been received from Warner Bros, it seems that there are very few who still doubt the information.

Because according to The Hollywood Reporter, one of the biggest problems with the film was its budget, which didn’t deliver the kind of big screen blockbuster the new company’s strategy is aiming for, and it seems they don’t want to release something for direct streaming either.

The final decision on the film’s fate appears to be up to Warner Bros. Discovery’s new CEO, David Zaslav, who has essentially dismantled any plans to ever release DC films directly to streaming. Batgirl and Blue Beetle were both originally made for HBO Max before Blue Beetle was released theatrically, and there were also reports that Batgirl would be released theatrically, but only in the UK. Now it seems we can’t even expect such a limited release, at least for the latter film.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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