Prey Is The Top Rated Predator Movie On Both Rotten Tomatoes And Metacritic

MOVIE NEWS – Prey, the latest film in the franchise, has received far better reviews than any other film in the Predator series on the two main platforms that collect reviews.


The critics have spoken and Prey is the highest rated film in the Predator franchise. On the Rotten Tomatoes website, which aggregates reviews from various critics to calculate a “score”, Preda currently stands at 92% fresh with 143 reviews. The audience score is not far behind, at 82% based on more than 250 fan reviews. Thanks to the Tomatometer score, Prey is officially the highest rated film in the series, and that includes the popular original film.

Going back to the original Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the hit movie has a fresh 80% score on Rotten Tomatoes, which is still respectable, but not as high as Prey. However, the original Predator did better with an audience score of 87%. The following Predator movie scores are: 1990’s Predator 2 at 30% and 44%, 2010’s Predators at 65% and 52%, and The Predator at 33%. Even if some die-hard fans of the original film won’t think Prey is better, many of them seem to agree that the franchise is back on track with this latest release.

The crossover films in the series have not fared much better than the other Predator sequels. If you look at 2004’s Alien vs. Predator, that film holds a rotting score of 39% with an audience share of 21%. The 2007 sequel, Alien vs. Predator: Requiem, fared worse than its predecessor, scoring a dismal 12% rotten score with a 30% audience share.

On Metacritic, by the way, Prey scores lower with its 70/100, but the original 1987 Predator also scored much lower with a very poor 46/100. Interestingly, the highest score on Metacritic so far was given to Predators 2010, but even that was only 51/100, so overall on this platform Predator films are doing very badly.

Prey was directed by Dan Trachtenberg and written by Patrick Aison. It serves as a prequel to the previous four films and imagines the very first Predator visiting the planet to find new prey to hunt. Amber Midthunder plays a Comanche woman living in the 1700s who must take on a deadly Predator using only the rudimentary weapons available to her at the time. What all critics seem to agree on, even those who have given the film an otherwise negative review is that Midthunder shines in the film with her performance.

Roman’s desire to see Midthunder appear in another Prey movie is not out of the realm of possibility. Since the critical reception has been so strong, this can only increase fan interest in seeing the film now that streaming has debuted. Strong reviews are nice, but ultimately the film’s chances of a sequel will be influenced by the audience numbers more than anything else. If enough fans watch it, we may see more of Midthunder in action.

Prey is now available to stream on Disney+, you can read our review here.

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