Better Call Saul as a Game Boy retro game! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – A fan of the hit series Better Call Saul has remade some key scenes from the series as a pixelated game for the old Game Boy console.


AMC’s Better Call Saul series, which is currently running, has recently released a slew of fan-made content as the finale quickly approaches. These range from online theories about how the series will end and what the seemingly insignificant actions of the characters might mean, to artwork and animation that places the main character Saul Goodman in other worlds, such as Ace Attorney.

Instead, one of the latest projects from fans has created Better Call Saul itself as a game that evokes the look and feel of the classic Game Boy console title. While this doesn’t come in the form of a finished, actually playable game, the clip does give us a glimpse of how this game could have played across multiple levels and genres if it ever came out.

The video, created by artist Lumpy Touch, shows the different levels for Better Call Saul, each of which follows another genre, all of which fit the old-school theme. One of the first “playable” segments seems like it would be most at home on a Game Boy cartridge, as Saul Goodman is controlled through a platform game. As the clip continues, the genre changes several times, from a sniper track to a scene out of Punch Out where Saul plays against Howard Hamlin.

This isn’t the first pop culture content that Lumpy Touch has reimagined in a classic pixel format. The Morbius movie, for example, was also reimagined as a Minesweeper clone called Morbsweeper. Like its recent reimagining of Better Call Saul, Lumpy Touch’s content is mostly comedic but demonstrates an excellent talent for creating and animating pixel art. However, many of the artist’s creations don’t see an authentic look, even when they are centred around game styles. So a full Better Call Saul game is probably not on Lumpy Touch’s to-do list.

With the series finale coming soon, this probably won’t be the last Better Call Saul fan content to arrive in the next month or so. If the conclusion is as compelling as the previous episodes of Better Call Saul season 6 were, there will likely be a huge influx of fan community surrounding the end of the series. However, it’s still one of the most impressive pieces fans have shared to highlight some memorable moments from the series.

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