Half-Life 2 VR Mod Shows Public Beta in New Trailer [VIDEO]

The Half-Life 2 VR mod reveals new gameplay footage and a public beta for the virtual reality recreation of the classic title.


For many gamers who remember stepping off the train into City 17, Half-Life 2 is a classic that still holds up today. The game was incredibly well-received following its release in 2004, with fans to this day demanding either a direct sequel to Half-Life 3 or the final Half-Life 2 DLC with a third chapter. Those demands have died down as many have resigned themselves to the likelihood that Valve has no plans to release Half-Life 3, but that hasn’t stopped modders from adding new content to Half-Life 2.

One of the most ambitious mods is coming to Half-Life 2, adding a VR mode to the game. Back in April this year, the team at Cabalistic unveiled the VR mode for Half-Life 2, showing off 12 minutes of stunning footage of the game in action. Now a new trailer has been released, and while it only shows about a minute of gameplay footage, right at the end they give us a snippet that fans won’t want to miss.

That detail is that the beta for Half-Life 2’s VR mode will launch in September 2022. Those who want to try the mod can do so with SteamVR supported headsets, and the Cabalistic team has also tested the mod on Index, Quest, Vive and Pimax VR hardware. This is exciting news for those who are looking forward to playing Half-Life 2 in VR, as this mod will not only give players a new game mode, but will also introduce a lot of new gameplay aspects.

The Half-Life 2 VR mod has updated the game’s mechanics, allowing players to physically dodge attacks and take cover. Weapons can also be reloaded manually, and many other new things players can do thanks to VR capabilities. This can create some interesting and sometimes wacky moments, as shown in a 12-minute recording released in April of a user playing tetherball with a corpse in Half-Life 2’s haunted Ravenholm area.

The VR mode isn’t the only big mod coming to the game. Even though Half-Life 2 is almost twenty years old, there are still plenty of modders releasing new content for the game fairly regularly. One ambitious Half-Life 2 mod, for example, puts players in the role of a Combine soldier, allowing them to play from the perspective of the game’s enemy faction. Half-Life 2 already has many mods available, and many players consider it the best title with mods.


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