XIII Remake: Spectacular New Trailer For The PS5 Version Has Arrived! [VIDEO]

XIII Remake presents a new PS5 gameplay trailer, featuring a revamped art style, smoother framerate and a revamped sound design.



The remake of the critically panned and rather infamous XIII is on the road to redemption, with a complete game overhaul for next-gen consoles coming soon. Ahead of XIII’s big update on September 13, publisher Microids has shared a new gameplay trailer for the cel-shaded FPS, which will run on PS5 with some much-needed improvements.

Earlier this year, Microids announced that a new studio, Tower Five, would be completely overhauling XIII, with a free patch for owners later this year.

Since then, Tower Five has been quietly working to fix the many problems with XIII Remake and promises to deliver a refined art style, improved AI, a reworked HUD and better sound design on September 13. A new gameplay trailer released by Microids gives fans a glimpse into what the studio is working on and shows XIII running on next-gen consoles, where all the improvements can be seen in full.

The gameplay sequence takes place during the SPADS military base mission and serves as the best demonstration of XIII’s reworked art style, sound design and newfound 60 fps gameplay.

XIII’s new look is much more in line with the original comic book aesthetic of the PS2 and GameCube, which led to some happy fans in the trailer’s comments section. PlayMagic’s version of XIII has currently received “overwhelmingly negative” reviews on Steam, but hopefully, Tower Five’s free update will really fix the rougher edges of the game and make it worthy of its original cult-classic status.

Moreover, a Nintendo Switch version of XIII is scheduled for release on September 13, including all the improvements from the PS5 and Xbox versions.

Whether or not the XIII remake will catch on remains to be seen. The 2020 remake will probably live on in the public consciousness as one of the worst remakes of all time in the eyes of some fans and critics. The game did so badly that more copies of the original XIII were sold at one point than the recent remake! However, Microids deserves some credit for not giving up on the project, even two years later, when many other publishers could easily have left XIII Remake in the rear-view mirror.

If we’re lucky, XIII Remake will go to a better place on September 13, and new fans will discover why so many gamers still hold the franchise in high regard after 20 years.

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