Sunsoft Is Back, With Three Announcements Straight Away! [VIDEO]

The Japanese company, which has been making games since the eighties and nineties, is back with a slower start, but they are already making up for their previous hiatuses.


So Sunsoft (capitalized, but it’s stylization, we’ll skip it) has held its Sunsoft is Back virtual show, and they’ve announced three games to boot. Two are relatively innovative classics, and the third is a modified edition of an old, admittedly lousy game. At the show’s end, the virtual presenter said, “Well, that’s it for today’s announcements. But there were honestly a few that we couldn’t present today! That one, that one, that one or that one… I couldn’t even unveil the remake. Right, we at Sunsoft will keep updating you regularly on our site and Twitter!”

Ikki Unite is a new version of Ikki (roguelike, action), released in 1985 for arcades and Famicom, with up to sixteen people playing together online. According to the game’s Steam page, “You can’t riot with just one or two people! The legendary “bad game” that once had people scoffing is back, and this time it’s time to unite! It’s the autumn harvest, a time to rejoice in the fruits of labour, but a swarm of locusts ravage the land! The village is in trouble, and yet the collectors still demand taxes… So let’s start a rebellion, get our rice back, and protect our village! This time we aren’t alone! It’s time to Ikki Unite with up to 16 people! It’s the MOST CASUAL of ONLINE COOP games with simple controls and satisfying gameplay! Cooperate and dodge bullets to defeat the enemies, and collect items. Head towards the Daikan Yashiki! This is roguelike action… but united!”

Bitwave Games has announced a new edition of Gimmick, released in 1992 and considered one of the best games on the Famicom/NES. Gimmick: Special Edition will also be available in a physical edition courtesy of Clear River Games. Quoting the overview, “Gimmick! Special Edition will include bonus features like achievements, time attack mode, save, load and rewind functions, a gallery mode and more. City Connection is both developing the remaster and publishing it digitally in Japan. A physical edition of Gimmick! Special Edition will also be published in the West by Clear River Games, part of Embracer Freemode. A playable demo of Gimmick! Special Edition will be on the show floor at gamescom later this month, from August 24-26, in Retro Gaming area F068 at the Dragon Box booth. It will also be playable at the Tokyo Game Show in September.” The game is unique because it only had a limited release in the West, as Sweden’s Bergsala (still Nintendo’s distributor in Scandinavia) handled the PAL version.

The same can be said for Ufouria: The Saga (Japan: 1991, as Hebereke; the franchise had several Super Famicom instalments, but none of them made it to the West; European/Swedish launch: November 1992), which was not available in North America (apart from the digital eShop release). It’s a Metroidvania platformer, so to speak: “Join Bop-Louie as he searches for his three friends—Shades, Freeon-Leon, and Gil—to help him complete his mad scramble. It won’t be easy. Brain-boggling mazes, traps, and bizarre pitfalls stand in your way back to Ufouria. You’ll rely on your friends to survive in this strange, changing world. But beware. You better have the right powers for the strange worlds you’ll encounter… or you lose. As you trek through mystical forests, deserts, and oceans, you’ll need to seek out and destroy monstrous creatures every step. Will you have the right powers at the right time?”

So Sunsoft (capitalized, but it’s stylization, we’ll skip it) has held its Sunsoft is Back virtual show, and they’ve announced three games to boot.

Source: Gematsu, Gematsu, Gematsu, Gematsu

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