A Plague Tale: Requiem: A Gameplay Overview, Demo At Gamescom [VIDEO]

Asobo Studio’s game will be on display “at the European E3”, in case anyone is in Cologne next week.


According to publisher Focus Entertainment, “New horizons and new tricks: embark on Hugo and Amicia’s next journey and venture south of 14th century France, before setting sail to a mysterious island out in the Mediterranean Sea. Brave a terrible fate and find a cure for Hugo’s illness thanks to Amicia’s new resources—including the use of alchemy to manipulate fire and the long-distance power of a crossbow, but also her cunning use of terrain and ability to wrestle out of an enemy’s grasp. Choose to strike from the shadow or to unleash hell with the help of Hugo’s new powers: to perceive surrounding enemies’ movements while moving stealthily, and to manipulate hordes of rats to decimate entire squads of soldiers.

Play a demo at Gamescom: attendees will get to play one of the first game chapters at Gamescom from August 24 to 28. The public will find a demo at Microsoft’s booth (Hall 8.1, Stand B-051 to C-058). It will allow the Gamescom visitors to play the same level shown at the TriBeCa Festival for those who missed it online last June. Another demo will be shared with the press attending Gamescom, letting them experience the level seen in the Extended Gameplay Trailer hands-on.

The tale behind the game: Focus Entertainment launches its “In Focus” behind-the-scenes video series on August 30, sharing exclusive interviews with developers from Asobo Studio, the team behind A Plague Tale: Requiem.” We’ll be curious to see what the publisher, formerly Focus Home Interactive, says about this. Since it falls on a Tuesday (as does the game’s release), we’ll have something to look forward to if they put together one a week.

Plague Tale: Requiem is the sequel to the multi-award-winning A Plague Tale: Innocence. It will be released on October 18 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch. The Switch version will not run locally but from the cloud, but those who are Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to experience Asobo Studio’s game from October 18.

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