[GC 2022] Age Of Empires IV: Free DLC Incoming – These Are The New Cultures We’ll Get! [VIDEO]

In a future update that will land in a few months, two new cultures will arrive for free in Age of Empires IV.



The Age of Empires saga is undoubtedly one of the greatest representatives of the strategy genre. Now, with the fourth instalment, it turns out that we can expect even more content. The best part is that this DLC will be coming for free with Age of Empires IV in a few weeks.

Ottoman Turks and the Malian culture will arrive for free with the game on October 25.

On October 25, two new cultures will land in Age of Empires IV. These are the Ottoman Turks and the people of Mali, which will be added to the game for free and will also be available on Xbox Game Pass, according to Windows Central. They will arrive as an update to the title.





As you can see in the trailer, the Ottomans are a military power both in history and in presence, and we’ll get to experience them on the battlefield with cannon fire. As for the people of Mali, we can see that they are very skilled in close combat on the battlefield and are able to hide in the trees to surprise the enemy.

Back in June, the game’s creators detailed a roadmap for future content. In this respect, the first season was a breath of fresh air, as it focused on modding and online combat. Check out our review of Age of Empires IV to learn more about the game!

Source: Windows Central

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