[GC 2022] Lies Of P: Fresh Gameplay Trailer Of The Souls-Like Pinocchio Has Arrived! [VIDEO]

Today we have news of the second RPG-inspired action role-playing game from FromSoftware – here’s the new trailer for Lies of P!



Another rumour confirmed at Gamescom: Lies of P will be available on Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service, from launch day when it hits stores in 2023. Neowiz Games has also taken the opportunity to share a new trailer in which users can see even more of the psychological action.

We first heard about Lies of P back in the spring of 2021: the original premise – a Dark Souls-inspired video game starring Pinocchio – had us hooked.

Since then, we’ve learned more about the adventure, including the carefully crafted setting in the dark, cruel Belle Époque, a city overrun by madness and bloodlust where Pinocchio will seek to become human. In short, the fairy tale we all know, but in a much more raw and challenging light that will delight fans of the genre.

Lies of P promises rich gameplay, with a deep combat system and an engaging storyline with multiple endings in which the protagonist, like a doll, can change his body parts to gain new abilities and hopefully an advantage in battle.

The Xbox Game Pass can add another powerful title to its collection with Lies of P.

This comes amid accusations from Microsoft that PlayStation is allegedly paying third-party companies to prevent its games from appearing on the subscription service. That matter aside, Lies of P has been confirmed for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and, as previously reported, PC and Xbox Game Pass.

Source: YouTube

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