[GC 2022] Return To Monkey Island’s Pre-Order DLC Is Inspired By Oblivion! [VIDEO]

The latest in the classic adventure game series, Return to Monkey Island, has a release date and, ahem, “horse armour”…



Return to Monkey Island got a fresh trailer at Gamescom Opening Night Live, revealing the new adventure game’s release date and a suitably absurd pre-order DLC inspired by one of the Elder Scrolls series’ most infamous “mistakes” (a heck of a mistake, knowingly ripping off customers…).

The trailer confirms that Return to Monkey Island will be released on September 19 for PC and Switch, which is none other than Talk Like a Pirate Day. (You don’t have to talk like a pirate to play, though it certainly can’t hurt.)

The short trailer revisits all sorts of familiar locations, with narration from the series’ lovably sleazy used-boat salesman Stan. But perhaps most interesting is the promise of a bonus pre-order of horse armour. Yes, as a tribute to the very bad DLC from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion that helped launch microtransactions in triple-A games, you’ll get horse armour for early purchase of Return to Monkey Island.

Yep, the developers seem serious about giving you some useless horse armour to sit in your inventory.

Even the press release promises that pre-orderers will “begin their adventure with a highly exclusive and entirely useless horse armour in their inventory,” and you can’t just joke around in a press release (I guess.) Anyway, I’ll be curious to see if they do come up with some functionality for that horse armour – if they even seriously put it in the game, because with Ron Gilbert, well, nothing is certain…

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