Return To Monkey Island’s Hardware Requirements Revealed – You’ll Be Surprised!

Return to Monkey Island sees the return of the classic point-and-click adventure, and PC specs reveal that – unusually for the times – players won’t need a hefty system.



Return to Monkey Island was announced a few months ago by Ron Gilbert himself, the creator of the legendary first two episodes. While it’s true that games of this genre don’t usually require a nuclear power plant, adventure games nowadays also need a more serious machine. However, according to Steam, Return to Monkey Island requires an Intel i3 processor, 8GB of RAM and just 4GB of storage space, so most gamers will probably have no problems with it. Perhaps most interestingly, you may not even need a dedicated graphics card.

According to a report from PCGamesN, it seems to make sense. Considering that the game calls for either a Radeon HD 7750 or a GeForce GT 640 with 1 GB and 2 GB of VRAM, respectively, it’s not like gamers should be rushing out to buy something like an Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti, which could easily cost someone around $1,500 (about $600,000).

Nowadays, such a friendly hardware requirement seems almost like a pipe dream, but Return to Monkey Island isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

It was recently announced that No Man’s Sky would no longer require a dedicated GPU. This is a bit more surprising in this case, given the size of the game, but it’s interesting to see that in the modern age of having to take advantage of the latest technology, games may be coming that we don’t have to break the bank to play.

As for Return to Monkey Island itself, the new instalment is being written by the Gilbert mentioned above, who worked on the first two Monkey Island instalments. He’s something of a prominent figure in the games industry, notably having worked for LucasArts on several titles, including Maniac Mansion. In fact, through that game, he was the co-creator of the game development toolkit known as SCUMM. Short for Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion, this engine was essential software in the development of some of the games that made LucasArts and Gilbert himself so famous at the time.

Source: PCGamesN, Steam

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