Superman Could Return (Again)? – Here Are The Latest Rumours!

MOVIE NEWS – Could Henry Cavill finally return as Superman?



The world of Superman – and the DC Cinematic Universe in general – has been in chaos lately, with Warner Bros. Discovery’s David Zaslav having been cancelling and delaying projects. One DC element that fans have been hoping for amid the chaos, however, is the return of Henry Cavill as Superman – and those hopes could now be fulfilled, according to an industry insider.

According to the insider @AjepArts: “Multiple scoopers 100% believe Henry is back, the dm I received said ‘[Cavill’s] back[.]’ This friend who told me this I trust very well, and has ALWAYS been skeptical over Cavill and Affleck returning. They are now believing into the idea of [Cavill’s] return.”

They continued, “Before this, it was seen as impossible. But the tides are changing. Something has to be going on.”

There is no doubt that this is a reference to the ups and downs since the merger of the studios with Warner Bros.

Although unconfirmed, this is just one of many promising rumours coming from prominent insiders. The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez recently claimed that Warner Bros. Discovery “like [Cavill] as Superman,” although Fandango’s Erik Davis also claimed that Cavill “doesn’t want to do it.”

“The Multiverse has to stay, if they want to keep [Supergirl actress] Sasha Calle and bring back a new Superman or bring back Cavill or something, that’s going to have to be the reality of it,” Gonzalez added. “This is probably going to turn into a story, I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure they’ll maybe try to [get him back].” After adding that he “could be wrong” he concluded that “I don’t think it’s over just yet.”

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