Halo Infinite: Fans Made Split-Screen Co-Op Possible – This Is How You Do It!

Designed by fans of Halo Infinite, the split-screen co-op mode supports up to four players.



While Halo Infinite doesn’t officially have split-screen co-op, that hasn’t stopped players from figuring out how to get up to four couch co-op partners.

Courtesy of a menu bar and some technical wizardry that quietly dazzles, players figured out how to implement local co-op that supports up to four players without affecting cutscenes or even enemy spawns and behaviour. How can this be achieved?

Well, you’ll need an Xbox Series S or X console, an online friend, and this solution by @Zeny_IC (opens in a new tab), posted by @HaloCreation.

Here’s the makers’ suggestion:

  1. Go to the campaign menu and load a save
  2. Click on Play and get ready to quickly go to your friend list
  3. As soon as “loading map” appears, go to your friend list and join a friend who’s idling in the menus
  4. You can then leave the fireteam
  5. In the custom lobby, under server, select “offline”
  6. You can now connect your other controllers and profiles
  7. Click Play!


While it’s obviously not officially supported and, therefore, may result in strange behaviour, at the moment, the glitch seems to work like a charm – so anyone who wants to try Halo Infinite in this form can finally do so!

Source: Twitter

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