Overwatch 2: Do You Want All The Heroes? Pay Or Grind!

So Activision Blizzard’s game follows a trend often seen in free-to-play games…


One of the critical elements of Overwatch gameplay is the ability to change characters (or heroes, as the game puts it) during a match so that you can adapt to the other team’s strategy. Still, they can also adapt to you so that the two teams can change dynamically. It won’t be so easy in the sequel (which is not a sequel because Overwatch 2 will replace the previous title…) because it will involve throwing characters behind battle passes.

It has been leaked that Kiriko, a character with a support role (something Overwatch hasn’t added in three years), can be obtained in two ways: by buying a premium battle pass or grinding the free route. Activision Blizzard removed this information, to which Blizzard VP Jon Spector responded on Twitter, saying that there was incomplete information about the Overwatch 2 battle pass. More details will be shared later (WHERE is this open communication when the game is less than a month away!?), but he confirms that the free battle pass route will include new characters…

What if someone doesn’t get the free heroes that way or doesn’t play during the affected period of the battle pass? According to Spector, there will also be an option to get characters for free in future seasons. However, the wording is unclear: will they always be there, or will they fill the void later on? Will it then be that someone can’t switch to a claimed character because they haven’t got it yet? It will be detrimental to synergy, and no wonder fans are worried about it.

Overwatch 2 won’t be focused on switching characters and using their abilities, even though that made it an instant hit in 2016 (and knocked Gearbox’s similar game, Battleborn, out of the saddle). Overwatch 2 is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on October 4 in early access.

Source: PCGamer

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