Phantom Fury, the Sequel to Ion Fury, Announced [VIDEO]

Phantom Fury, the sequel to Ion Fury, has been announced for PS5, Xbox Series, Switch and PC. The first-person shooter inspired by the road movie will be released in 2023.


3DRealms, the publisher that came back from the dead to bombard us with retro games, has announced that Realms Deep has announced a new title for 2022: Phantom Fury, the sequel to Ion Fury. While its predecessor was clearly inspired by Duke Nukem 3D and games running on the Build Engine, Phantom Fury harkens back to Duke Nukem Forever (the 2001 version) and the full 3D FPSs of the 2000s.

In the game, you will embark on a journey across the United States, where you will have to fight against soldiers, monsters and robots using a wide range of weapons, powers and vehicles. The developers also promise extensive interaction with environments. And surprise, Phantom Fury also seems to make a connection with the Sin license, as it features a well-known weapon from the game in addition to the main character.


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