Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition: Will We Get To See Ethan’s Face In Third-Person Mode?

Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition is coming soon and will feature a third-person mode, but it looks like players still won’t get to see Ethan’s face.



According to the developer, Ethan’s face will not be visible in Resident Evil Village, even with the upcoming third-person mode. Capcom will launch the Shadows of Rose DLC, part of the new Gold Edition, on October 28. In addition to the new story and additional characters for the Mercenaries mode, we’ll also get the aforementioned third-person perspective, similar to the remakes of RE 2 and RE 3.

Some say Resident Evil should continue in the third person with the next instalments.

However, despite the arrival of TP mode in Resident Evil Village, it has been confirmed that Ethan’s face will not be visible, no matter how hard players try. In an interview with Inside, producer Masao Kawada said that some effort had been made to “make Ethan’s face invisible”, adding that the character is meant to represent the player’s ego.



Úgy tűnik, hogy a Resident Evil Village közelgő Shadows of Rose DLC-je véget vet a franchise egyik fő történetszálának, miközben a külső nézetes játékmenettel részben visszatér a gyökerekhez.



Director Kento Kinoshita cut to the chase by saying that even when the player turns to face the camera, it changes angle or simply turns back. Kawada then jokingly said that maybe someone would check, but it sounds like Capcom doesn’t want fans to see the protagonist’s look, even from that perspective.

Producer Masachika Kawata said in an earlier interview with IGN that making the third person in Resident Evil Village was a considerable effort, almost on par with creating a brand new game. The studio wanted to make this mode as good, if not better, than RE 2 and RE 3.

It seems that a lot of the work emphasised Ethan’s movement, such as squatting.

Considering that Resident Evil Village is one of the best horror games of 2021, from one of the most influential survival franchises in history, it proves that there is still life left in Capcom’s series. With the Gold Edition just around the corner, the life of the eighth instalment will be assured for a bit longer, at least until people start hoping for a Resident Evil 9.

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