Grand Theft Auto VI’s Hacker Violated Bail Conditions!

The London police have confirmed that the 17-year-old was previously involved in the hacking of Microsoft.


Matthew Keys, a journalist, has confirmed that the 17-year-old arrested in Oxfordshire, UK, for the cyber attack behind Rockstar and Uber is the same person who attacked Microsoft and Nvidia earlier this year (and was arrested for it). The teenager is part of a group called Lapsus$, and it looks like more people could be in cuffs soon. It may suggest that the teenager, who has been named A.K., had helpers, so he was not alone in breaching the network of Take-Two’s studio group alongside Uber…

We were expecting a similar statement from the FBI (who were also looking for the perpetrator of the massive leak behind Grand Theft Auto VI), but nothing came from them. They will likely come forward when further arrests are made (and we may hear about this within days). According to the London police, A.K. was the mastermind behind the Uber attack, and the authorities were able to identify the perpetrator because of the similarities in the hacking of Microsoft, Okta and Nvidia. “The teenager has been charged with two charges of breach of bail and two counts of computer misuse,” according to their statement.

However, something is still unclear. After all, A.K. had access to the source code for Grand Theft Auto VI and published several thousand lines of it. Could he have sold it, or did he not have enough time? Once his online identity was identified, he had to cover his tracks, but as he has repeatedly breached bail conditions, it might be too late, as the authorities are likely to throw A.K. behind bars.

Maybe an immediate arrest would have been a better idea because Microsoft and Nvidia were no small fish…

Source: PSL

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