An Avalanche Of Star Wars Games Might Be Coming From Disney?!

According to a new report, Disney wants Lucasfilm to keep making Star Wars video games, at least two a year.



While history is full of Star Wars games, a new report suggests that Disney is taking a more aggressive stance on the franchise’s future release schedule for video games with the termination of its licensing agreement with Electronic Arts. Disney and Lucasfilm Games have apparently wasted no time in signing several deals with the biggest names in the gaming industry to bring new games from the galaxy far, far away on a regular basis…

The report comes from Insider Gaming, which claims that its “sources” are aware of this new aggressive strategy regarding the release of Star Wars games.

Disney is said to be aiming to release two new Star Wars games each fiscal year, alternating between a significant title and “a minor game” every six months. According to the report, Lucasfilm Games also seems to support this new strategy, which is already reflected in the number of games currently in development.

Insider Gaming goes on to say that the eight announced games currently in development, including Respawn’s Jedi: Survivor, Quantic Dream’s Eclipse and Amy Hennig’s Star Wars game with Skydance, are all part of this new strategy but are still several years away from release.



Egy friss jelentés szerint a belső konfliktusok közepette a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republicot határozatlan időre elhalasztották az Aspyr-nél.



According to outlet sources, Quantic Dream’s game has been referred to as a “development nightmare” for David Cage’s studio and could take up to four years to release. Knights of the Old Republic Remake also had development problems, which led to a delay and a change of developers from Aspyr to Saber Interactive.

Given that almost all of the games listed in the report appear to be major releases, it wouldn’t be surprising if the unannounced games were those “minor games” mentioned above that Disney is looking to rotate releases with, which Insider Gaming speculates could range from mobile games to titles the size of Star Wars: Squadron.

As of this writing, neither Disney nor Lucasfilm Games has commented on the report.

But it seems that the entertainment giant has plenty of potential to make it happen, given its own resources and the number of developers it has available as partners. Moreover, the universe is vast enough that developers have plenty of room to explore, whether it’s the High Republic era, or the period between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, or perhaps another era that players have not yet seen in the Disney Star Wars framework.

Source: Insider Gaming

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