FIFA 23 for PC on Steam Has Been Severely Downgraded Due to Bugs and Crashes!

Fifa 23’s release date arrived yesterday, and it looks like no one is happy – at least on Steam.


FIFA 23 was technically released worldwide yesterday, but owners of the game’s Ultimate Edition and those who tried the EA Play trial have been able to play for a few days now. Both together make up a significant number of players, most of whom have a bad reputation.

As of this writing, the game has nearly 1,500 reviews on Steam. The overall rating currently stands at Mostly Negative, which is not great news.


New year, new FIFA


Looking at the reviews themselves, there are two main issues. The first has to do with the game’s anti-cheat software, which gives some players an error when launching the game. You cannot play FIFA 23 without an anti-cheat running in the background.

EA quickly responded to these reports, letting players know that it’s collecting data to determine what’s really wrong, and offering some fixes in the meantime. First, players should try launching the Origin/EA App as well as the game itself as Administrator.

Due to the nature of anti-cheat, some anti-virus software may detect and block what is causing the error. Disabling Real Time Protection (although it may have a slightly different name) may solve this problem, according to some reports. You should also consider reinstalling the anti-cheat itself to rule out possible file corruption.

If you’ve tried all of these and nothing has worked, EA asks that you provide more details in this dedicated support topic.


“Crash” here is not Bandicoot…


The other problem facing FIFA 23 PC players is a bit more insidious. The game randomly crashes with an “unrecoverable error” message. This may take longer to resolve, but EA has collected the crash logs so you can investigate.

There’s nothing you can do there right now, just keep an eye on this support thread for updates.

If you don’t have this problem in FIFA 23, the Wonderkids guide is very popular. Check it out to find the best players to hire. For simpler advice, here are our recommendations for the best strikers and midfielders pages.

Source: VG247

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