Persona 3 Portable And Persona 4 Golden Get An Exact Release Date

The new ports announced earlier this year would bring the latest instalments in the Persona series to more modern platforms.


We previously reported that SEGA-owned Atlus would make Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5 Royal multiplatform. Persona 5 Royal will be the first to be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch on October 21. It was released first for PlayStation 4. It will also be on Xbox Game Pass.

According to Atlus’ announcement, Persona 3 Portable is coming on January 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), while Persona 4 Golden is also coming on January 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC on the Microsoft Store. Both games will be part of the Redmond tech company’s subscription service, so Game Pass subscribers won’t have to dig deep into their pockets. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Persona, Atlus has released a new image featuring the main characters from the three games.

Here are Atlus’ overviews of each game: “Persona 5 Royal – Forced to transfer to a high school in Tokyo, the protagonist has a strange dream. “You truly are a prisoner of fate. Soon, ruin awaits you.” With the goal of “rehabilitation” looming overhead, he must save others from distorted desires by donning the mask of a Phantom Thief. Persona 5 Royal makes its epic return with previously released DLC included in the base game!

Persona 4 Golden – They say your soulmate will appear if you stare into a television set on a rainy night… This strange rumour slowly spreads through the rural town of Inaba, the protagonist’s new home, just as a chain of mysterious murders begins. As the protagonist and his teammates chase after the truth, they find themselves opening the door to another world. For the first time, enjoy Persona 4 Golden with text in French, Italian, German, and Spanish!

Persona 3 Portable – If I say there’s an hour “hidden” between one day and the next…would you believe me? This unknown time is the “Dark Hour.” Unfamiliar stillness swallows the city, people turn into eerie coffins, and otherworldly monsters called Shadows swarm. One night, the protagonist is attacked by these Shadows. When all hope seems lost, the power of the heart, their Persona, is awakened. Featuring enhanced graphics, Persona 3 Portable will also be available with French, Italian, German, and Spanish text for the first time!”

So January looks like a pretty strong start (since that’s when Dead Space Remake will be released).

Source: Gematsu

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