Overwatch 2: Solid Performance On All Current-Gen Platforms [VIDEO]

Comparing the current-gen consoles and PC shows that Blizzard’s free-to-play game runs well on all 2020 consoles.


ElAnalistaDeBits often makes comparison videos, and this time, the channel did a decent job with the Overwatch 2 that launched this week (but with the first part de facto ceasing to exist: launching it only tells you to download the second game…), so you can see how the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S perform when running the mainly competitive FPS that requires a stable frame rate.

The resolution is dynamic vertically and is higher on the Xbox Series X in performance mode (i.e. closer to 2160 pixels). Still, the PlayStation 5 has a higher resolution horizontally (i.e. nearer to 3840 pixels), so the image sharpness is relatively consistent across both consoles. The PC version is ahead on several counts (better ambient occlusion, higher shadow resolution, reflections, anti-aliasing, and anisotropic filtering).

On PlayStation 5, the resolution mode is 2160p (i.e. 4K) at a frame rate of 60 FPS. Balanced mode brings the resolution down to 1440p, but you get 60 frames per second. With performance mode, Overwatch 2 usually runs at 2048×1260 resolution, but it can also run at 2240×1260, but in return, it runs at 120 FPS on supported displays. On Xbox Series X, the resolution mode is 2160p and 60 FPS, the balanced mode is 1080p (!?) and 60 FPS, and the performance mode is usually 1920x1440p or even 2560x1440p at 120 FPS.

The result of the Xbox Series S is respectable: with resolution mode, the ceiling is 1440p with 60 FPS, balanced brings the resolution down to 1080p, and performance mode is not left out: 120 FPS, but the resolution is 720p. Still, that’s not bad either, since it’s inferior hardware compared to the “big brother”. On PC, the game ran at 4K with maximum graphics settings.

The game is also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Source: WCCFTech

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