Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest Dates For 2023-24 Announced!

The previous event was in digital format due to COVID-19, but Final Fantasy XIV is now returning to in-person events at Fan Fests 2023 and 2024.



Final Fantasy XIV has just announced the dates for Fan Fests 2023 and 2024, its most significant live events. After being forced to hold a digital Fan Fest in 2021, the game will return to the real world next year and hold in-person events.

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival is a massive event that will include panels, major announcements and concerts.

As with most previous events, Fan Fest will be split into three. One in Las Vegas at the end of July 2023, another in London at the end of October 2023, and the final one in Japan in early 2024. Tickets are not yet on sale but will probably go on sale early next year.

As well as being Final Fantasy XIV’s biggest live event, the fan festival has also previously unveiled new expansions for the game. Following the title’s current patch schedule, players can expect the latest expansion to be released sometime in early 2024. The three fan festivals would be the perfect venue to gradually reveal more and more information, building up to the final release.

The previous Fan Fest also started as a personal event when it was announced in early 2020.

But due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Final Fantasy XIV was forced to cancel the event. Later, in 2021, the first and only Digital Fan Fest was held instead, focusing on the Endwalker expansion. Instead of three events covering North America, Europe and Japan, the 2021 Digital Fan Fest was a single event.

Gamers are excited to once again have the opportunity to attend the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest in person. While the game has been popular at recent live events in 2018 and 2019, the game has seen an unprecedented amount of players since the overwhelming success of Shadowbringers and Endwalker. With a growing player base, the 2023-2024 Fan Fests are shaping up to be the most attended events in the game’s history.

However, some fans have concerns about Final Fantasy XIV’s return to live events.

The COVID-19 outbreak isn’t really over yet, so many are hoping that the organisers will require players to wear masks at the venues to prevent the Fan Festival from becoming a “super spreading” event.

Fan Fest has always been a packed event, and with the game more popular than ever, many players will be scrambling for tickets. Hopefully, the organisers will help ensure that players can celebrate the next chapter of the critically acclaimed MMORPG safely and healthily.

Source: Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone

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