After Like A Dragon: Ishin!, Another Spin-Off Set In Feudal Japan Might Be On Its Way?!

If you were hoping for another Japan-only spin-off remake after Like a Dragon: Ishin!, SEGA has terrible news for you.



Yakuza fans worldwide were delighted to hear that Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio is bringing back the spin-off that never left Japan. Like a Dragon: Ishin! comes in the form of a remake that will be released worldwide. Given that the success of Ghost of Tsushima inspired the latter decision, many users thought that the developer would do the same for Yakuza: Kenzan! That is another great title in the series that never left Japan.

“Many fans wanted an Ishin remake more than Kenzan” (Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio).

Unfortunately, SEGA has confirmed that this is not in the plans. “From all of the fan feedback we have received, many fans wanted an Ishin remake more than Kenzan.” Masayoshi Yokoyama saying this. The studio’s director and executive producer and Hiroyuki Sakamoto, the franchise’s executive producer, gave an interview to One More Game.

“We also believed that Ishin was more popular, and if we wanted to bring in the Kenzan remake, we would want to change the storyline a little bit, and that would take a lot of time and would be budget-consuming,” the executives continue. It is worth noting that, like Like a Dragon: Ishin!, Kenzan! is set in feudal Japan.

Going back to the game announced during Tokyo Game Show 2022, at least it is inevitable that western audiences will be able to play Like a Dragon: Ishin! in February 2023.

The makers have already explained why they’ve ruled out an English-voiced version, although that detail is overshadowed by the experience being created by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. In any case, voices or no voices, it looks like Like a Dragon: Ishin! will have plenty to explore.

Source: One More Game

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