Did Google Kill Stadia To Sell Us Cloud Gaming Laptops Instead?! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – Just two weeks after announcing Stadia’s closure, Google unveiled “the world’s first cloud gaming” laptops.



Who would have thought that Google would unveil the world’s first cloud-based gaming laptops immediately after the announcement of Stadia’s closure? Of course, few would have guessed, but the giant company unveiled them on its official blog, where it teamed up with Acer, ASUS and Lenovo to unveil the new Chromebooks.

The price will be around $700 depending on the model, but Lenovo’s is the cheapest.

These laptops “bring together gaming hardware features, access to the latest games with cutting edge graphics through the cloud, and software designed to make gaming fast and easy,” the website says. They feature 120 Hz high-resolution displays, RGB keyboards with anti-ghosting, WiFi 6 and immersive audio. The price is around $700 but can vary depending on the model.

GameBench, a leading gaming performance measurement company, has quality tested these laptops. They have ensured that they can 120 fps with a latency of less than 85 ms. They also worked with NVIDIA to deliver performance comparable to the RTX 3080. This can go up to 1600p resolution at 120fps.

One benefit is that the GeForce NOW app comes pre-installed, and they’ve also worked with Microsoft to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to these laptops.

It will also be compatible with Amazon Luna, which hasn’t arrived in Europe yet. Google is also highlighting the various benefits that owners can only gain with these Chromebooks.

Even though Google is discontinuing Stadia, there are several alternatives, and some companies have already announced solutions to ensure that many users don’t lose all their progress and time.

Source: Blog.Google

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