Saints Row Reboot: Focusing On Bug Fixes, Not New Content

Volition is attempting to restore the franchise’s reputation after the questionable release of Saints Row Reboot, despite a six-month delay. The game still gathered over a million players.


We’ve already written that Lars Wingefors, CEO of Embracer Group, which owns Plaion (formerly known as Koch Media) that has Deep Silver under it (which, in turn, owns Volition), has expressed some disappointment with the Saints Row reboot. And the studio that developed the franchise is serious about not immediately abandoning its game and has summarized what it plans to do in a statement:

“Delivering new content has become less of a priority for now. We are supporting Saints Row for the long term, and while we’d have preferred to be talking about roadmaps and expansions, we feel the focus must be on telling you how we’re going to improve the Saints Row experience for all players in 2022 and beyond. Right now, our development priority is delivering improvements over new features.

In keeping with that, we’ll ship our first significant update in late November to pack in as many improvements and fixes as possible. We plan on supporting Saints Row for the long term. 2023 will be a hugely exciting year for Saints Row owners with a raft of content, including all-new story content (included in the Expansion Pass, but will also be available to buy separately) and free new gameplay experiences and areas of the city to explore,” Volition said.

More than 200 bug fixes and stability improvements are coming in the big November patch. The most significant focus will be on challenges, stability and co-op. Volition has apologized for the co-op bug fixes taking longer than they should, but the team will clarify how and when co-op gameplay will be implemented. They also plan to reduce repetition in several activities, increase challenge rewards, improve vehicle handling, and redesign the DualSense’s haptic and vibration features. And they say it is the tip of the iceberg.

This year, the Front to Back cosmetic pack is coming (ugly clothing, ugly car skin) and will arrive for free later this week, but more packs will be coming later in the year (but some will only be available to Expansion Pass holders).

Source: PCGamer

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