The Callisto Protocol: Who Will Sam Witwer Play?

Sam Witwer’s character has not yet been revealed in The Callisto Protocol, but his talents could be put to good use in either a positive or negative character…



The narrative basis of The Callisto Protocol is being kept under wraps for now. Knowing how things played out in Dead Space, it would be easy for fans to assume that a similar origin of the biophage mutation is rooted in The Callisto Protocol’s Black Iron prison. Another mystery of the game is who each character will be. This puts a glaring question mark over the head of actor Sam Witwer, whose role in the game has been confirmed but whose character has yet to be revealed.

The playable protagonist of The Callisto Protocol, Jacob Lee, played by Josh Duhamel, has long been the only known character.

How or why he ended up as an inmate aboard the Black Iron prison is unknown. But in the game’s latest story trailer, Dani Nakamura, played by Karen Fukuhara, has just been announced. We had already heard about Sam Witwer’s character, but otherwise, it was kept under wraps. It is unknown what his character’s role in the story will be, but it would be exciting to see Witwer in an antagonistic role.


Sam Witwer as the guard commander of The Callisto Protocol?


Witwer played Galen Marek Starkiller in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed franchise. Most recently, he played Deacon St. John in Days Gone. His talent is well known, so his casting in The Callisto Protocol is impressive, especially if he can play a full-fledged antagonist this time.





Small details about Witwer’s character have been revealed, though they still leave much to conjecture.

It has been previously revealed in an interview with Glen Schofield that Witwer will play a head guard at Black Iron prison, but even more interesting is Schofield’s admission that Witwer is the narrator in the PlayStation State of Play trailer for The Callisto Protocol.

This monologue-like narration suggests a cruel, malicious intent. The character is ostensibly speaking to Jacob, a new inmate incarcerated in prison, and rudely reminding him that he now belongs to his world. It is, therefore, more than likely that The Callisto Protocol is using the age-old trope of corrupt maximum security prison security guards.

In this case, Witwer would be a warden who enjoys torturing prisoners and exercising his power over them.


Could Sam Witwer be the main villain in The Callisto Protocol?


But the character’s narration in the trailer clearly hints at his involvement in the biophage mutation. He may be entirely responsible for it. Witwer’s unnamed character explicitly alludes to the “rebirth” of biophages and may be an antagonist involved in the revival of the Black Iron prison inmates.

Why the antagonists in The Callisto Protocol are trying to achieve this grotesque form of rebirth is anyone’s guess.

In any case, Witwer’s character seems excited by the possibilities. It would also be fascinating if Witwer’s character could become the kind of antagonist players would encounter in a boss fight if they were willing to undergo the rebirth mutation to become colossal, tentacled monsters.

It is not yet clear from the gameplay whether it would include traditional bosses, although this would not be out of the question. Either way, Witwer’s talent underpins the potential of his character, regardless of what role or character type he will be playing.

Source: GamesWFU

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