Resident Evil Village: Shadows Of Rose Trailer – 3rd Person Mode To Get Separate Demo?! [VIDEO]

The Resident Evil Showcase revealed more details about the Shadows of Rose DLC and announced that players would be able to try out the new third-person mode when the demo of Resident Evil Village is released.



The developers of Capcom’s hit survival horror game Resident Evil Village have announced that a demo version of the third-person mode is now available to download. Capcom revealed details of the brand new demo release among the many exciting announcements at the Resident Evil Showcase.

At the company’s Resident Evil Showcase on October 21, 2022, Winters Expansion director Kento Kinoshita revealed that a 60-minute demo is now available to play in either the original first-person mode or the new Resident Evil Village third-person perspective. Asked why a new perspective (third-person mode) was added, Kento said:

“When you play an FPS, you experience the game world as if it’s through your own eyes, so it can be incredibly scary to play a horror game from that perspective.”

“There are some players out there who might find it too scary, or experience motion sickness in the first-person perspective, they might not enjoy the FPS genre. So we wanted to make a third-person mode for those players to enjoy the game to its fullest.”

The Winters Expansion will be available on October 28, either as a direct download or bundled with the Resident Evil Village Gold edition that comes with the base game.


What else is in store for Rose in the Resident Evil Village expansion?


Kento Kinoshita has revealed a little more about what fans can expect from the story sequel, which will give fans an insight into what exactly happens to Rose Winters and what to expect from the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition overall.





Kinoshita was quick to point out that this DLC intends to show what kind of person the new protagonist, Rose Winters, who was introduced as an infant growing up in the Resident Evil: Village base game, will become.

In the Shadows of Rose DLC, players will get to explore the base village again, but with a twist unique to Rose’s story. Now, players must help Rose rid herself of her mysterious, unwanted abilities in the quest.

The latest location will be the Realm of Consciousness, which will present players with various obstacles. These will have to be overcome at a nightmarish level. Kinoshita mentioned that fear is a powerful driving force and a source of suffering in Rose’s journey. The trailer showed mutant organisms attached to the walls of a narrow corridor, as well as creepy giant dolls that haunt Rose’s every move – proving that the DLC will certainly be nightmare-fuel for players as well.

With Rose at the centre of the expansion, her story will provide the most of Resident Evil: Village Gold Edition. However, the Winters Expansion will also include other additions. In addition to the aforementioned viewpoint change, players can experience the game in the Mercenaries Mode Additional Orders mode. Here, players can play as other lords with unique abilities. Kinoshita stated that the addition of special characters was for those who don’t usually play in Mercenaries Mode.

Unfortunately, the Winters Expansion serves as the conclusion to the Winters family storyline in the series.

Fans expected Rose to be another main character (or possible antagonist). But it looks like the Winters family story will end with a fascinating bang. For those who are waiting to see where the story of Rose Winters will take the franchise as a whole and how the family’s story will connect to the franchise itself, this DLC might assuage their curiosity.

Source: Resident Evil Showcase (YouTube)

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