We Found out When Filming Starts for House of Dragons Season 2

MOVIE NEWS – War is expected in season 2 of HBO’s hit series House of the Dragon, but fans will have to wait a little longer.


After Monday’s somber Season 1 finale, in which a series of events including death, stillbirth, misunderstandings and intrigue lead to the inevitable prospect of a war for the Iron Throne, fans were left wondering what the future holds for the series and when they can expect the hit Game of Thrones series. for the second season of his prequel series. And while a release date for the second season has yet to be announced, there are already reports of a filming schedule.

Variety reports that House of Dragons season 2 will begin filming in early 2023. The news comes from series co-creator and executive producer Ryan Condal, who also spoke with Variety about other aspects of the upcoming season, including the expanded scope of the conflict in Season 2. Regarding the expanding world of the second season, Condal noted that “[j]ust as the original Game of Thrones got bigger and bigger, so does ours.” However, he also noted that some of the key locations that established the series would remain, noting that the production “…lived in three different worlds for quite a while through the series: King’s Castle, Dragonstone, and Driftmark.” He also noted that “. ..these will continue to be the domestic bases of the series”.

However, there is indeed war on the horizon in Westeros. And Condal notes that this conflict “[requires] the allegiance of various kingdoms and armies across the map of Westeros”. However, he also noted that viewers shouldn’t expect as many locations as in the original series, saying : “I don’t think we’re going to be as expansive as the original Game of Thrones in the end. But there’s definitely going to be a lot more new worlds, and new worlds that we didn’t necessarily see in the original series. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of scope to come.”

The exact release date for the second season has not yet been announced. Whether a 2023 release date is possible is yet to be seen, but viewers can rest assured that the production team is working hard to produce a second season. As Condal noted, “in any case, we need to really rush into the production of the second season now to keep up with the healthy appetite of our fans and HBO’s need and desire to release the series season after season in a reasonable time frame”.

So don’t worry, there will definitely be more dragon stories for fans of the series. All episodes of House of Dragons Season 1 are now available to stream on HBO Max. Watch the series trailer below:

Source: Collider

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