Will MultiVersus Be Adding The Goonies Characters?

Warner’s popular free-to-play Super Smash Bros. clone, which has a staggeringly high grind demand without payment, will be adding more characters, some of which you may have found out about long before they were announced.


After a new MultiVersion update (as usual), the game has undergone some data mining. According to a tweet, the MultiVersus Hub server found several Goonies code lines and not only characters but also character universe references, so not only could the game be enhanced with one character, but more could be in the pipeline.

The name The Goonies may not be a household name. The film was released in 1985. The American adventure comedy film script was written by John Columbo, based on a story by Steven Spielberg, and directed by Richard Donner. (It was also adapted into a game, but The Goonies II was not based on a film but was a prequel to the first game.) The film follows a group of kids who set out on an adventure to find the long-lost fortune of legendary 17th-century pirate One-Eyed Willy. During the adventure, they are pursued by a crime family who wants the treasure for themselves.

According to the tweet, there’s a chance that the somewhat mentally challenged Lotney “Sloth” Fratelli (who eventually sides with the treasure-hunting boys despite being from the crime family) might be the one to expand MultiVersus. Still, Player First Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment may have more ideas for the Unreal Engine 4-powered game, available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For example, there have been leaks that the Joker could be in the mix (and he could be voiced by Mark Hamill, who starred in the animated series), but the Wizard of Oz and Beetlejuice IPs could also appear in the game.

Of course, this has yet to be officially announced.

Source: VGC

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