The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me Promises Mysterious “Halloween Serial Killer” [VIDEO]

The next game in the anthology series, The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me, emphasises the villain, dubbed the “Halloween serial killer”.



The latest title in Supermassive Games’ ongoing anthology horror series, The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me, will feature a villain dubbed the “Halloween serial killer” by publisher Bandai Namco. It marks a turning point for The Dark Pictures series. It makes the story more realistic. Previous games have relied on the possibility of supernatural forces behind the horrific events depicted.

Since the first reveal of The Devil in Me, the game’s tone has stood out from its predecessors.

It’s still horrific, but it draws its horror from the psychological horrors and tortures that a real person might commit. The nefarious things that happened in the first two games, which players believe to be supernatural in origin, eventually become much more mundane. And the last part is based entirely on supernatural elements. However, the trailers and information released for The Devil in Me focus the story on a deadly, trap-filled building and a psychopathic killer.

The new trailer released today focuses more on the antagonist. Fans have been enriched with some further information. But there are still plenty of unanswered questions. The video invites viewers to guess along with the characters by referring to the villain as the “Halloween serial killer” in the title. They aim to try to guess the killer’s motive and identity. In the clips, the protagonists – a group of documentary filmmakers – desperately argue about how to find out who the killer is and expose his weaknesses. One character says the only way to survive the killer building is to play “detective”. And the structure is set up as if we were in a Saw movie.

This turn away from overtly supernatural forces to horrors that a real person could theoretically enact is perhaps just the injection the Dark Pictures anthology needs.

While not actually part of the franchise, Until Dawn has always cast a shadow over the series. More realistic horror can often get inside the audience on a more terrifying and primal level. It could easily be that just such a twist is needed.

The release date for The Devil in Me is not far away. Fans will soon find out if it will be enough. And if the developers don’t quite get it right, don’t worry. It looks like they’ll have more chances, with more Dark Pictures games already in the pipeline.

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