If we’re making a robot doll horror, science helps

Who doesn’t remember Chucky from the movie Child’s Play, the doll that is possessed by the spirit of a killer, which leads to the execution of most of the characters? The fatal baby appeared in movie sequels, and a very good TV series was also made about it. Now it’s time to level up: here comes M3GAN, the perfect robot doll, and of course the majority of the characters have that much again.


In the story, an engineer-programmer (Allison Williams) creates the perfect robot for her niece (Violet McGraw), the doll however, controlling artificial intelligence rethinks the tasks.

Director Gerard Johnstone told CNN that they approached the subject on a scientific basis. They brought out a study by a Japanese scientist, Aszahiro Mori, professor of robotics, written more than 40 years ago, which for a long time was only circulated in academic circles, but now more and more people are reading it among the general public as well. The professor mathematically deduced that lifelike robots first evoke sympathy, but then cause horror when we realize that we are dealing with a human-like “creature”, but it is not.

This idea is the basis of M3GAN. (The name, which is the scientific version of Megan, is an abbreviation of the term “Model 3 generative android”.) The robot in the film is brought to life by two actresses, one of whom lends her appearance and the other her voice.

Since the release of the first trailer for the film, memes have been created about it, and Chucky fans and supporters of the new baby have virtually fallen into each other’s camps, so M3GAN didn’t even appear in the cinemas, he was already able to stir up a storm.

(M3GAN – domestic release: January 12, 2023.)

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