Ryan Karazija, Lead Singer of Low Roar in Death Stranding, Has Died

Ryan Karazija, the frontman of Low Roar, was only 40 years old, and Kodjima said the game would not have been complete without him. Many of the band’s music is featured in Death Stranding.


Low Roar have shared the sad news on their official social media site that frontman Ryan Karazija has passed away at the age of 40. The group will be most familiar to players from Death Stranding, as their song I’ll Keep Coming was featured in the very first trailer for the game (which they had no idea what it was used for), and their song Don’t Be So Serious is also featured in the prologue. Their names appear 18 times in Death Stranding’s official soundtrack, so their work is an integral part of the game.

So of course the mastermind behind the game, Hideo Kojima, has also expressed his sympathies, saying that without Ryan’s music the game would never have been made.

Death Stranding voice actor Tommie Earl Jenkins also tweeted about the impact Low Roar’s music had on the community.


The award-winning Death Stranding has been praised for its intriguing story, atmospheric world and unique gameplay, coupled with an equally captivating soundtrack. Low Roar’s song “I’ll Keep Coming” was featured in the first trailer, which starred Sam (played by Norman Reedus). Their other song, “Don’t Be So Serious” was one of the first songs players were treated to in the game’s opening scene. In total, the band has 18 songs on the official Death Stranding soundtrack.

According to a post on Low Roar’s social media, the band paid tribute to Karazija, calling her the driving force behind Low Roar. They credited her for the music and lyrics that touched many people’s lives, as well as her haunting voice for their unique sound. Low Roar added that they had recorded their sixth studio album, which was Karazija’s last project, and would be released as soon as it was finished. Death Stranding creator Kojima also expressed his shock at Karazija’s sudden death and said that the game would not have been complete without Low Roar’s music.

Similarly, voice actor Tommie Earl Jenkins, who played Die Hard in Death Stranding, paid tribute to Karazija. In a tweet, he wrote that Low Roar made a big impact on the community when their music was playing in Death Stranding. He also attached an old photo of Karazija and Kojima.

Source: GameRankings

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