This Console Is The Most Popular In 100 Countries Around the World!

TECH NEWS – A recent study claims to have research to prove which is the most popular video game console in more than 100 countries worldwide.



According to a recent study based on Google search data, PlayStation 5 is the most popular console in more than 100 countries worldwide. The console war between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo has become fierce again during the ninth generation of consoles. The competition between PS5, Xbox Series X and Switch is fierce. PS5 and Xbox Series X have clashed several times in the two years since their launch. A study claims that the PS5 is winning the Google search race against Microsoft.

Although the PS5 has faced several supplies and parts shortages, the obstacles do not appear to have prevented the console from achieving worldwide success following its launch in 2020.

The PS5 was a hot commodity among gamers, partly due to shortages. Every time retailers restocked the console, and it was bought in droves. Sony even claimed it believed the PS5 could outsell the PS4 as early as 2024. That would put it among the top 5 best-selling consoles of all time. Now the sports gaming publication Futbin has published a study that backs up the console’s success.

This study shows the popularity of the PS5 based on Google searches over the last year. It claims that the PS5 is the most popular console worldwide. It received the most Google searches in 103 of the 184 countries included in the study. The Switch holds the second most Google searches. Nintendo’s handheld console-home console hybrid won in 36 countries. The Xbox and PS4 finished in the global search top list in 30 and 11 countries, respectively.

In addition to information on console searches, the study also listed the most popular sports games worldwide based on the same Google search metric.

EA Sports’ FIFA franchise wins the most Google searches with FIFA 22. Amazingly, it was the top-ranked game in 141 countries. One of football’s biggest rivals, PES, came in second place as PES 2022 topped Google searches in just 11 countries. Also represented in the study were 2K NBA 2K22 in China and WWE 2K22 in the US.

The PS5’s popularity is showing as the console approaches its second anniversary. Several major titles will be released next month. God of War: Ragnarok and Sonic Frontiers, both PlayStation console exclusives, will be released in the week leading up to PS5’s second anniversary on 12 November. Sony has several big exclusives planned for next year, including Final Fantasy 16 and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Sony is looking to extend the success of the PS5 for years with big games and strong sales projections.

Source: Futbin

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