Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Nvidia’s Latest Driver Could Cause Problems?!

With more and more PC gamers using Nvidia GPUs complaining about instability, the manufacturer has been forced to admit that the problems are related to the latest drivers.



Nvidia has admitted that several instability issues experienced when playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on PC are caused by the latest GPU driver. The problem was first reported by Beenox, the studio leading the development of Modern Warfare 2.

PC players have reported strange crashes via social media and instances where the game quit the table in the middle of a multiplayer battle or campaign level.

For Steam players, it often took a long download before the game would reload. Many players tried to ensure that game files were not corrupted. Some even went as far as uninstalling and reinstalling the game. An earlier bug caused Modern Warfare 2 to crash when players joined a group. This further instability only added insult to injury for PC players.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 launched to somewhat mixed reviews. Many critics say the game falls far short of its 2019 predecessor. As gamers began discussing reviews and the format of the new game, questions about stability quickly arose. PC developer Beenox has advised players not to upgrade to Nvidia’s 526.47 driver, the latest available update, and to continue using the 522.25 drivers. Nvidia has now officially confirmed a bug in the newest driver. They are currently working on a hotfix to fix it. Nvidia has also said that this is why they have not promoted or recommended this latest Game Ready driver.

Some gamers have claimed via social media that they have upgraded to the new Nvidia drivers to fix the current stability issues mentioned above.

Updating GPU drivers is a standard procedure in PC gaming. However, in this case, it seemed to have exacerbated the problem. This happened immediately after Modern Warfare 2 turned off the weapon tuning system to improve stability.

Nvidia has not yet provided a timeframe for when the hotfix will be available. The current Game Ready driver, known to be buggy, was still on the download list at the time of writing. Players are encouraged to stick with the older drivers. Even if other game stability issues arise. While gamers who have upgraded to the new drive can restore to the older drive, it is more complex than upgrading and maybe a bit unfamiliar to PC gamers new to the area. It’s hard to say what’s worse: the GPU driver problems or the Modern Warfare 2 bug that sends players into an endless clipping loop.

Source: PC Gamer

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