The Cozy Grove’s Developers Have Neen Acquired By Netflix!

Netflix wasn’t kidding: the company is serious about becoming a prominent player in the gaming industry.


The Cozy Grove was Spry Fox’s previous game, and the studio is both making a sequel to that and creating an unannounced non-violent MMO, the “fox” group that is now Netflix’s sixth in-house video game studio has announced the new owner in a statement, which we will quote below:

“Not going to bury the lede: It’s our great pleasure to announce that Spry Fox is joining Netflix, where we will become the sixth in-house games studio! What does this mean for Spry Fox? We can continue making the games that we were already making and wanted to make, but with more support and resources to improve those games and bring them to more people worldwide. We can stop stressing about how our games generate profit on our games and instead focus exclusively on making them as enjoyable and fulfilling to our players as possible. We can collaborate with other creative people within Netflix to improve our work and how we do it.

And what does this mean for our existing games? They’ll remain downloadable and available in their current forms on their current platforms. What about development efforts on new games? Everyone at Spry Fox was already focused on making Cozy Grove 2 as well as a more significant, non-violent MMO that we still need to reveal more about publicly, and that is still the case. So there’s no change in our current development efforts. We’ve been at this for almost 13 years. It’s been exhilarating, humbling, endlessly fascinating, and often challenging. We’ve always known that, above all else, we wanted our games to bring people happiness.

But in other ways, it feels like we only recently figured out what “we want to be when we grow up.” What has become clear throughout our adventures: We are a studio that builds original, world-class cosy games. Especially games that bring people together. And we are confident that Netflix is going to help us do that. Thank you to our fans, partners, and especially our past and present team members who helped us reach this milestone. We remain ever grateful,” Spry Fox wrote.

Last October, the studio signed a publishing deal with Epic Games to produce a more extensive, non-violent MMO game using the Unreal Engine, Epic Online Services, and Epic Account Services. Presumably, it will be their non-violent project.

Source: Gematsu

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